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"Introducing the MPD-A2 Smart Digital Motor Protection Device, a cutting-edge solution for intelligent motor protection. With advanced digital technology, this device offers precise monitoring, overload protection, voltage regulation, and smart diagnostics for optimal motor performance. Experience enhanced efficiency, reliability, and safety for your motors. Contact us to explore the features and benefits of the MPD-A2 Three Phase Smart Digital Motor Protection Device."


↠ R.Y,B Ampere Meter,R,Y.B Volt Meter 
↠ High Voltage Protection Low Voltage Protection
↠ Short Circuit Protection
↠ Overload Protection
↠ AC Contactor operated Fast Switching, 
↠ Inbuilt Current Unbalance Protection 
↠ Inbuilt Phase Unbalance Protection 
↠ Phase Failure Protection 
↠ Reverse phase protection 
↠ Low Power Consumption & High Load Capacity 
↠ Adjustable Star Delta Timer Setting 
↠ Adjustable Overload Setting
↠ Built-In Adjustable Dry-Run Protection 
↠ Adjustable Voltage Range Soft Start/ Stop Buttons 
↠ One Time Relay Bypass Feature 
↠ One million Operation mechanical life;
↠ Quick &Simple Installation and Use Friendly 
↠ Adjustable Auto Start and Bypass Function 
↠ Adjustable Auto Switch Timer 
↠ Automatic/ Manual Operation
↠ Voltage Calibration Option Current Calibration Option 
↠ Noise & Vibration Free Operation No Heat Generation 
↠ Adjustable Delay Time for OL- Dry Run 
↠ Adjustable Start Delay Time Optional ON/Off SPP Function 
↠ Low Maintenance on Mechanical Equipment
↠ Designed to Operate -20°C to 65°C Temperature 
↠ DMC Terminal Block for Easy Wiring 
↠ Long life and positive circuit interruption 
↠ Encloser IP 54 Degree Protection 
↠ off indicating lamp 
↠ Simple Construction and Wiring 
↠ WLC Function Available Optional  


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